Frequently Asked Questions – Dog Run / Car Park at Military Road Rec


Sandgate Parish Council is seeking planning permission to create a small car park at the Recreation Ground and to re-size the dog run. Residents are invited to enquire and comment on the proposals.

To assist with queries, here are some FAQs:

Q Could the car park be increased in size from what is proposed?
A Any further increases would have a negative effect on the rest of the recreation ground. The present plan was proposed to make the most effective use of the available area without reducing the existing public recreation area.

Q What parking enforcement measures would be put in place?
A Parking Enforcement Wardens will be regularly patrolling the site.

Q Who would be able to park in the car park?  
A There will be notices stating that the car park is for the sole use of the recreation park users and the use of the car park will be time limited to two hours.

Q What would be the cost of using the car park?
A The car park will be free.

Q How will the dog run change?
A It will be slightly larger in total area with new fencing around it. There will still be two gated entrances.

Q How will grounds maintenance staff gain access to the dog run, to maintain it and to cut the grass?
A There will be a wide gate into the dog run through which the staff can gain access.

Q What surface materials will be used to cover the car park?  
A The surface will be crushed hard core topped with crushed stone and concrete

Q There is a steep bank down into the park, how will cars be prevented from slipping?
A A retaining wall will be formed from railway sleepers and buffers.

Q Would a cycle rack be installed?
A Yes, this is already underway. There will be several cycle racks installed.

Q Will there be dedicated disabled parking bays?
A Due to the limited number of parking spaces it will not be possible to have spaces dedicated to disabled drivers.