Sandgate Parish Handyman Services – April 2016 To March 2020

Sandgate Parish Handyman Services – April 2016 To March 2020  

Sandgate Parish Council is inviting quotations for carrying out general maintenance and ad hoc repair works around the parish, as per the specification below.

Please state the hourly rate for the small maintenance and repairs works. It is expected that large jobs may need to be separately quoted for, as and when required.  

The contract period will be for four years, subject to the normal break clauses.

  • To carry out general maintenance and ‘handyman’ jobs as required;
  • To carry out maintenance of litter bins around the parish, including greasing of hinges and locks, rubbing down and re-painting, as required;
  • To carry out repairs and maintenance of village signposts and notice boards, including re-staining, as required;
  • To overhaul and repaint planters, as required;
  • To connect Christmas decorations to lampposts; purchase and erect 2 x 20ft Christmas trees;
  • To inform the parish clerk of any works that should be reported to Shepway District Council or Kent County Council;
  • To assist with community events: erecting/dismantling gazebos; installing and removing event banners and notices; supplying/hiring barriers, generators and other miscellaneous equipment;
  • To top up the parish council’s sand/grit bins (total of 3; the others belong to KCC)
  • To provide storage facilities for: spare litter bins (cast iron and polycarbonate), Santa & sleigh and 5 small decorative Christmas trees; 26+ Christmas lamppost light garlands and electric packs, various signs and banners, gazebos, the annual free one-tonne bags of sand/grit provided by KCC and any other equipment, as required.  

All works will be subject to agreement by the parish clerk prior to carrying out the works.   

Please send your quotation to: Parish Clerk at or post to the address below.  

Please provide:

  • Proof of £5 million Public Liability Insurance
  • Proof of G39 Certification
  • Method statement

We will be assessing quotations according to the following criteria:

  • Quality (please supply references)
  • Capacity (vehicles, equipment, manpower, storage yard/unit)
  • Price  

Deadline for submissions: 12 noon on Thursday 25th February 2016