Keeping Safe This Christmas

Christmas TreeOfficial crime figures show that Sandgate is one of the safest places to live in Shepway, but Kent Police have asked us to share this message with some tips to keep it that way!

Finishing your Christmas shopping?

Most people take steps to keep valuables safely out of view when at home, but what about when you’re out and about? If you’re shopping in busy areas it’s easier to get distracted, so make sure you keep your wallet and phone close by but tucked away, for example in an inside jacket pocket or zipped bag.

Where possible, avoid leaving any personal belongings, gifts or loose change in your car when you lock it and never leave bags or belongings unattended.

Going away over the holidays?

Most people take steps to make their house look occupied if they are going out or going away. Do you? As well as checking your home and garden are locked up before you leave, do you also put timer switches on lights or radios to make it look as though someone is home? How about asking a trusted friend or neighbour to keep an eye on your property, park on your driveway or remove papers, milk and post from your front door while you’re gone? Your local Neighbourhood Watch scheme can give you more tips on home security.

Worried about bogus callers?

While incidents don’t happen often, if your doorbell rings and you’re not expecting anyone, never feel obliged to answer. If you do, make sure the rear of your home is secured first, use a door chain if you have one and always check they are who they say they are by contacting their company yourself (not on a number they provide). If in doubt, keep them out and ask them to come back at a later date (when you can have someone with you).

If you have older relatives or neighbours then please share our advice with them, too. You can print out our top tips from