Sandgate Business Forum Update Edition 6 (January 2017)

Welcome to the latest Sandgate Business Forum update.

The Parish Council would like to congratulate you all on some fantastic and very creative window displays over the festive period. As we know, pulling in customers comes in many forms and a creative window display not only helps attract customers but also makes Sandgate a much nicer place to visit.  Let’s see what we can create in our windows for Spring or Valentine’s Day and build a reputation that shopping in Sandgate is the place to be! If you have any pictures of your displays we would love to see them.

Please Ensure You’re Legal

On the last business forum update (you can find a copy here), we made mention of Shepway District Council’s rules on “A” Boards and Business Waste.  Since that update we have had at least one business approached by SDC regarding Business Waste; a different business approached regarding an “A” Board on the pavement; and a third business has had action taken against it as they were playing music whilst not holding a PPL & PRS licence.  The action consisted of a rather large fine which worked out much more expensive than a licence would have been.  Details of PPL / PRS licences can be found here on the Government’s website.

We would also like to reiterate that it is your responsibility to ensure that you are operating legally as a business and should you fail to do so it is very difficult to plead that you were unaware of your responsibilities.  Should you need guidance then pretty much everything you need to know is available here on the Government’s website.

Sandgate Businesses In The Press

Just lately, Sandgate has been featured in the Folkestone Herald and a number of on-line news websites.  This is so encouraging for the area and we need to make the most of the free advertising.  An example can be found here and we would like to congratulate every business mentioned – you’re REALLY making a difference, well done!

 New Businesses Opening

53 Sandgate High Street – Former Harrison’s Hairdressers -‘The Hoard Gallery’ will be opening later this year at 53 Sandgate High Street.  Nick and Tracy are keen to join us  and we wish them every success.

Sandgate East Parking Restrictions

Following the implementation of the CPZ in Sandgate, Shepway District Council will be consulting with residents and businesses in a number of other roads including the High Street which has been identified as a priority.  The Parish Council were due to carry out its own survey but SDC are keen to do this themselves.  They will carry out an informal consultation with you in April and this will be followed by a formal consultation in May.  After this there will be inevitable changes to parking in the High Street.

We suggest that you register your concerns and preferences to prior to this process so that the transport team is fully aware of your needs and preferences.  As some of you are also residents of the High Street might we suggest that you give your views for both groups. You will all appreciate that High Streets have a business priority and that creating churn during the working day will enable you all to flourish.

And Finally…

As we move in to the new year it’s time to think about how we can advertise our businesses to attract more customers.  Advertising doesn’t always have to cost a lot of money and there are always ways to advertise for free if you’re creative.  Think about getting a “shout out” on a local radio station to your staff at “such and such” business who are all working hard and valued – one such “shout out” this week on KMFM was for a business on Sandgate High Street.  TwitterFacebookStreetlifeNextDoor, and OLIO are all social networking sites that can get your name out there for free.  You could carry out a stunt for charity which will get media coverage if promoted accordingly and of course there are always lots of events happening in Sandgate that you can get involved in. The Music festival and Sea festival are two examples.  Contact the Parish Council on 01303 248563 or e-mail for details of these events.

In closing, remember that these updates are for you and if there is anything that you would like to let us know then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Very best regards,

Councillor Kurt Stephens

For/on behalf of Sandgate Parish Council