Naming the Rec – What’s In A Name? Your Vote – You Decide

Thank you for all the suggestions which have come from many people drawing upon diverse inspirations including famous ex-residents, location, history and even a previous park keeper. The list has been moderated to produce a manageable list (including the current name Military Road Recreation Ground) for a vote as follows:-

Hilly Fields
Jacques Park
Martello Recreation Ground
Military Road Recreation Ground
Miss Ames Recreation Ground
Park on the Hill
Sandgate Community Park
Sandgate Fields
Sandgate Park
Sandgate Recreation Ground
Sandgate Village Park
Sir John Moore Recreation Ground
Spring Ground
The Peoples Park
Turnill Park
Wilberforce’s Ground

To vote please click against the email address for the name you prefer (or copy and paste the email address into your own email) and give your name and postal address in the email. Only one vote per person or business in Sandgate parish will be accepted.

Closing date for voting Friday 31st March 5pm.

You may also vote in person at Sandgate Library – ask for the parish clerk.

Any queries please email the parish clerk