Sponsorship of Village Planters

There are eight planters in Sandgate Village.  The Parish Council is seeking sponsorship for each of these planters.  The locations of these planters are:

  • the rowing boat at the western entrance to the village on Sandgate Esplanade;
  • six rectangular planters by the Sir John Moore Memorial;
  • and a circular planter outside the Ship Inn.

Images of locations can be supplied on request. The following criteria and conditions will apply.

  1. The cost of sponsorship will be £50 per season (ie May to September).  This cost will include the production and display of the necessary sponsorship sign by Sandgate Parish Council.
  2. The format of the advertisement will be along the lines of a standard sample available from clerk@sandgatepc.org.uk with the sponsoring company logo receiving approximately twice the spatial coverage as the Parish Council’s.  The overall size will be A5 landscape.  The company should supply a high resolution jpg file of their logo.
  3. Whilst the Parish Council will seek to meet individual company requests, the allocation of planters will be on a first come first served basis.
  4. The Parish Council reserves the right to refuse offers of sponsorship on the grounds of taste or decency.
  5. The deadline for applications is 2 May 2017 with payment to accompany application.
  6. Applications to: The Parish Clerk, Sandgate Parish Council, Sandgate Parish Council Library, James Morris Court, Sandgate High Street, CT20 3RR (cheques to made payable to “Sandgate Parish Council”).

Peter Savage
Deputy Clerk and Responsible Finance Officer
19 April 2017