Re: Cabinet report C/17/19 – Parking proposals for Princes Parade, Hythe and Sandgate Esplanade

To: Alistair Stewart, Chief Executive, Shepway District Council

Dear Alistair,

Sandgate Parish Council considered the above report at its meeting last night and agreed the following comments unanimously, which the Parish Council would appreciate if it was made available to the Cabinet before its meeting:

  1. The Parish Council was not consulted or even informed prior to the publication of the Cabinet document even though the Parish is in the middle of consultation on extending the controlled parking zone (CPZ).  Many residents have conflated the two issues and it is therefore affecting their attitudes towards the village proposals and may even compromise them.
  2. Sandgate Parish Council has opposed pay and display parking on the Esplanade for many years and would like to understand what the rationale is of Shepway District Council in bringing these proposals forward.
  3. If Shepway District Council insist on imposing these proposals against the wishes of Sandgate Parish Council, then protection would be necessary for residents in all of the side streets at the same time through the introduction of residents’ parking in a CPZ.  The streets affected are:
    1. Encombe
    2. Prospect Road
    3. Wellington Place
    4. Sunnyside Road
    5. Castle Bay
  4. The availability of free parking on the Esplanade has been necessary for businesses and their employees.  Introducing charges will jeopardise the viability of some of these businesses.
  5. The data in this report is outdated, being based on a survey of 2009.  It is inaccurate and has not been updated and takes no account of the current CPZ proposals or of the changes to the highway as part of the Cinque Ports Cycleway.

These comments are copied to our two ward councillors.  In the case of Councillor Rory Love the Parish Council expects him to represent the views of the Parish Council at tonight’s Cabinet meeting and to report back in detail on the outcome.  The email is also copied to our Member of Parliament, Damian Collins, and to the Town Clerk of Hythe because of the impact on Princes Parade.

Peter Savage

Deputy Clerk and Responsible Finance Officer for Sandgate Parish Council