War Memorial Planter Vandalism Slammed

“Mindless vandalism” – that’s the reaction from local residents this morning after one of the planters by Sandgate’s War Memorial was ruined overnight.

The Parish Council arranges planting of troughs, hanging baskets and even boats throughout the area over the summer, with some displays sponsored by local businesses and organisations keen to ensure Sandgate is looking at its best. The planters by the War Memorial are sponsored this year by the Sandgate Society.

Sometime on the evening of 24th August / morning of 25th August one of the three planters at the War Memorial had its display pulled apart and thrown across the area.

Sandgate Councillor Tim Prater commented:

“It takes lots of people working together to make Sandgate a great place to live, work and stay, and apparently just one idiot to ruin things. What a waste of time and money, and what a way to show exactly how much respect that person has for the area, and the people represented on the War Memorial.

“The planter will be replanted, and the Council and almost all local residents will continue to work to make Sandgate a brilliant place to live.”