Sandgate Escarpment Referendum: Result

Election Result graphic from Sandgate Escarpment referendum took place on Wednesday 9th May 2018. Polling has now closed.

The question on the ballot paper was:

“Are you in FAVOUR of the Parish Council going ahead with the SANDGATE WOODS AND MARTELLO TOWERS PROJECT which will increase the precept (Parish Council element of the Council Tax) from April 2019 by £9.75 per annum or 19p per week for a Band D property (and other bands pro-rata) to pay off the PWLB loan?”


Deputy Parish Clerk Peter Savage conducted the count immediately following the close of the ballot box at 9pm.

Votes cast: 419

Those voting YES: 359

Those voting NO: 60

THANK YOU to all that voted.

The announced result is subject to a formal report to the full Council on the whole consultation process on the 22nd May.

You can still send in comments on the scheme by email to the Parish Council at