Sandgate Business Forum Minutes 30 May 2018

Please find below the minutes of the Sandgate Business Forum meeting of 30th May 2018, discussing the Sea Festival and Parking among other items.

The next meeting of the Sandgate Business Forum will take place on Wednesday 25th July at 5.30 for 5.40 in Sandgate Library chaired by Marjorie Findlay-Stone. If you have any items you want to see on the agenda please contact Marjorie at

Sandgate Business Forum

Minutes of meeting 30/5/18 starting at 17.40 in Sandgate Library

Apologies – Liz and Bryan (LH Properties); Jane (Inn Doors); Tim (Prater Raines)

Present – Traci – Hoard Gallery; David and Karen – The Dog House; Jo and Jeanette – Fabulous Nellies; Jon – Orchard Lane; David – Sandgate Vaults; Andre – Old English Pine; Lorielle – Escondidos; Jackie – Encore; Andrew – The Sandgate Society;l Patrick – the Village Shop; Kurt – Acula Fashions; Marjorie – Sandgate Parish Council; Paul – Sandgate Trading; Ann Berry – Folkestone and Hythe District Council.

1. Parking – Anne Berry summarised the outcome and follow-up of the meeting held with F&HDC officers earlier in May. F&HDC had expedited consultation on changes to the High Street CPZ as follows:

  • To change controlled parking from 88 – 102 The High Street from shared use to 2hours free parking no return within 2 hours from 8.00am to 6.00pm;
  • The “toast rack” to have changes in bay marking to reduce reversing out onto the highway;
  • The purchase of monthly Car Park tickets for staff was being considered;
  • Ann agreed to review the yellow lines in Sandgate.

There were some heated comments and discussions which demonstrated the strength of feeling around issues of parking.


It was agreed that 4 members of the forum should get together to review parking spaces available throughout the village. They would report back to Ann Berry via the forum.

F&HDC were thanked for their consideration of Sandgate problems and their prompt response.

Ann Berry left the meeting.

2. The Sea Festival –

  • The Saturday kitchen on Sea Festival weekend – well received. Orchard Lane and Sandgate Vaults expressed interest and Comemos and Escondido’s would inform TP if they were going to take part. Without sufficient support this would not take place
  • Printing/Publicity in the Sea Festival Flyer – Jon will prepare this. Marjorie would find out the deadlines for entry.

3. Sandgate Christmas Lights – Suggestion boxes as to how the village might become better involved in this event would be placed in Encore and Sandgate Trading.

4. Marketing – Tracy distributed a sheet with some ideas about marketing. She stressed:

  • The need to operate as a business hub;
  • The need for simple strategies with definite decisions to formulate a proper ‘game plan’ for businesses;
  • The need to market Sandgate as a developing business community;
  • The need to avoid a singular approach.

Tracy mentioned how Sandgate might get involved with:

  • The Creative Quarter
  • Publications in the Wealden Times, Coast and Verve (I have since learned that Verve has gone out of business)
  • Production of a video on Sandgate for viewing on Instagram


  1. Quick fix – Jon would get a small group together and work on the business web site and Instagram
  2. Tracy would get a group together to work on an advertising poster for Sandgate

5. The Sandgate Society

Andrew had a quote of £150 for 2 x A1 business advertising boards . The forum agreed to proceed with this.

Marjorie had enquired about bunting – to be made locally at a cost of between £8 – £16 for 4 – 6 metre lengths. The forum agreed to progress this.

Next meeting – Wednesday July 25th in Sandgate Library at 5.30 for 5.40 pm.