Enbrook Stream Environment Agency Investigation

Sandgate Parish Council have had a number of reports over the past few months over concerns on the cleanliness at times of water in Enbrook Stream, which we’ve followed up with the Environment Agency who are responsible for the water quality. They have been investigating, and have now found (they think!) the cause. we had forwarded them various photos and videos we had been sent, which assisted their investigations.

In an email to us yesterday, they say:

“Thank you for the updates and the photos, they are vital to our ongoing investigations.

“We are aware of the ongoing issue with the Enbrook stream. We have undertaken extensive investigations and have identified a misconnected domestic property discharging in to the stream. Misconnections are reasonably common and occur when a properties drainage or an appliance is plumbed in to the rain water drains rather than the foul sewer system.

“We have been working with the local authority and the property owners to rectify the issue and work to fix the pipe is due to begin on the 20th May. If the problem in the stream continues when the misconnection is fixed we will carry out further investigations, but we are reasonably confident that we have found the problem.

“The nearby designated bathing water at Sandgate is currently at ‘Excellent’ status, the highest standard it can achieve. The Bathing water was last sampled on the 1st of May 2019 where potentially harmful bacteria was at below detectable levels.

“For more information about this bathing water and others please visit our bathing water explorer. https://environment.data.gov.uk/bwq/profiles/

Many thanks to the residents that reported this issue to us and provided us with the photos and videos that have helped the Environment Agency’s investigation.

if you have concerns about the water quality of the stream in future (after the works above have taken place) please do let us know, or report to the Environment Agency’s National Customer Contact Centre on 03708 506 506 (or 24hr emergency hotline number for pollution incidents – 0800 80 70 60).