Sandgate Community Garden: Update 26 May 2019

There continues to be more interest in the new community garden, and locals have noticed that things are happening, and approve of the project and the changes we have made so far!

We have continued to dig the area to the right of the fruit trees, making planting strips and paths as we go.  The grass edges are gradually being straightened to make for a neater edge!  The tomatoes have been staked.  The fruit and herb area have been weeded and watered.  Sunflowers, marigolds, and courgettes have been planted, and the two raised bed boxes have been treated with two coats of preservative.

Watering is an issue on site; however Paul the head gardener has very kindly been watering this week!  He has managed to source a large water container for us, which he is busy cleaning, ready for installing on site ASAP!  This is great news, and much appreciated, so thank you Saga!

What’s next?  

  • Continue to clear the earth of roots and stones
  • Continue the raised plots and paths
  • Continue to straighten the grass edges
  • Weed the fruit and herb area (watch out for the marigolds and borage plants)
  • Water if required
  • Plant a donated fig tree, with roots restricted.
  • Raised boxes need two top coats of preservative
  • Source pea sticks and bean poles if possible

A group of us are meeting up at 10am Wednesday 29th May and Saturday 1st June 10am.  As the nights are getting shorter, and some people may prefer to come along in the evening, I will also be on site Wednesday 29th May from 6pm.  However, you are free to come along when it is convenient for you!