Sandgate Community Garden: Update 9 June 2019

Certainly no need to worry about the watering this week!  Some very welcome downpours will help things to establish, and fortunately most things remained planted during the gale force winds! 

The biggest dilemma of the week was what to do with our first courgette!  All things considered, the answer was to make a courgette cake to share with the workers on Saturday.  We are now looking forward to thinking about more things that the garden will be giving us, from the flowers to the edibles, and even edible flowers!   Of course, the work has to be put in first to reap the benefit, and we are starting to be given a few seeds, seedlings and plants to add to the rapidly filling spaces.  Many seeds are being grown in modules within the safety of a patio or window ledge to be planted in the garden when they are big and strong enough to cope!  Some of the things we have been given are a little late to be starting off right now in June, but you never know until you try!  As time goes on, the garden will be full, and that bare earth will begin to disappear!  As well as the garden starting to grow, so is the news that the garden exists, with many people stopping by to have a look and even stop in the street to comment on how great it all is, so thanks for all the support!

What’s next?

  • If the weather and the wooden raised planters are dry enough, continue the wood treatment!
  • Start to clear the ground where the new raised boxes are to go
  • Keep weeding!  This rain will also make the weeds romp away!
  • Keep checking the cordon tomatoes on the wall for any side shoots that require pinching out.
  • Sow more seeds – spinach and salads, more beetroot and carrots
  • Plant out flower and vegetable plants that are in modules or pots