Sandgate Beach: Dog Free

Sandgate Beach is a dog-free zone from Sandgate Castle to the Seabrook BP (formerly Murco) garage at the far end of the Esplanade from 1st May and 30 September every year.

Outside these areas (from Sandgate Castle to Mermaid’s Beach, and the length of Princes Parade) dogs are welcome on the beach, although it remains your responsibility to clean up after them at all times, and to keep them on a lead on the Promenade.

Folkestone and Hythe now have an enforcement team who are now patrolling across the district regularly including early morning, late afternoon, evening and weekends – it’s no dogs at any time over the summer.

You must clear up after your dog if it fouls wherever you are in the district. The penalty for failing to clean up afterwards is £100.

Small plastic bags or nappy sacks make ideal poop scoops. Keep them where you keep your dog lead so that picking up a few bags becomes as automatic as clipping your dog on its lead before going for a walk.

There are free dog bag dispensers on the block by the Boat House of Granville Parade, at the seawalk entrance to Castle Road Car Park, and in the dog run at Sandgate Park. Please only take as many as you need to use.

To avoid smells and prevent flies, please tie the bag before depositing it in a dog waste or any street litter bin (it DOESN’T have to be a dog waste bin). Please don’t throw bags into hedges, verges or drains: keep them until you find a bin.


Seaside Award 2023