Sandgate Community Garden: Update 21 July 2019

We managed to ration the water this week with some help from a long awaited downpour Friday night, thanks, we suspect, to Chris perfecting the rain dance.  It obviously did the trick! 

On the menu this week are courgettes, mangetout, spinach, and salad, with the arrival of tomatoes, and a few raspberries!  The beans are flowering at last; we have red and lilac flowering varieties, so it will not be long before we will be treated to some beans!  The sunflowers have climbed higher than the brick wall, and the flower heads are peeping over the top.

The tomatoes have been tied in, the brassicas continue to be checked for caterpillars, and two donated chilli plants were planted.  Work is starting on the much needed compost heaps, but we need some more pallets, so if you know of any going spare locally – let it be known and serious construction can begin! 

All the ground to the right of the fruit trees has been planted up, and work was carried out to the area to the left of the fruit, which involved lots of pairs of hands, and a pick axe to clear out some troublesome roots!  This done, we can now start to plan where the permanent beds for strawberries, raspberries, and asparagus are going to go………

It goes to show that you can always grow food even with no outdoor space….sprouting seeds can be grown all year round on the shelf in a cupboard, and the picture below shows the seeds ready to be stir fried or put into a salad in less than a week.  All you need is a big jar or container to grow them in, and job done!

What’s next-

  • Make sure the transplanted lettuces get plenty of water this week
  • Keep checking the brassicas
  • Start constructing new beds for the perennials
  • Keep picking
  • Sort out the compost heap area
  • Did you put that date, 22nd September in the diary? (the picnic)