Sandgate Community Garden: Update 28 July 2019

The trouble with pallets is that some of them look rather useful for other projects, and get re-assigned!  So parts of the compost project are still ‘work in progress’….however, the area has been tidied up and is ready and waiting!  We also tidied an area for our BOX STORE!  A donation from Theresa and Peter’s garden … We had great fun walking the box across the road to the Saga entrance, and into the garden, but we now have a place to store some tools which will be so much easier than having to bring things all the time. 

You can see from the pictures showing courgettes/beans and tomatoes that the grass was parched, and so we did really well to keep the plot producing the first beans and more spinach, salad and turnips, plus of course, the courgettes and tomatoes.  Some of the tomatoes are yellow when ripe, so you have to keep tabs on what you can pick!  The winter squashes are looking for a way out of the plot, and have to be guided back in when they start growing over the grass edges!  Some of them are very happy climbing up the bean stakes and into neighbouring beds.

The brassicas are coping with frequent assaults from cabbage white butterflies laying their eggs, and as long as we keep checking them, should survive now they are getting bigger and tougher.  The transplanted lettuces are looking perky as the roots have got a hold, thanks to diligent watering.

What’s next?

  • Some prepared beds can be sown with fast growing crops until they are needed for the waiting and maturing perennial fruit and veg plants.  Still time to sow chard, lettuces, radishes, and spinach.
  • Any gaps in the harvested beds can be sown with overwintering Chinese cabbages or salads.
  • Consider where on earth to put the savoy cabbages that are nearly ready to plant out!
  • Tidy up and straighten the grass edges to the new beds.
  • Continue to prep new growing areas
  • Enjoy the relief the much needed rain has brought to the garden and spend some time observing just what is actually going on!