Sandgate Community Garden: Update 11 August 2019

I know you were wondering… yes, the garden is still standing, and at last look, even the sunflowers, after the hooley of a storm that came through yesterday.  We had to abandon all hope of trying to do much at all, except stand upright. 

Featuring this week are some lovely carrots and beetroot which seem to have doubled in size in just a week!  The Florence fennel is starting to swell.  A passing dog was so phased by one of the blue squashes poking out of the undergrowth, that it started barking and snarling at it, and had to be moved on by its owner!   

Thank you Sandgate Parish Council for a donation of £100.  How very lucky we are to have friends in high places, with support also from The Sandgate Society, and of course Saga…….we are where we are!  The next big buy will be the asparagus crowns, and wooden posts to make various structures, and such donations make it all possible.

What’s next?

  • Check on any storm damage
  • Tie in tomatoes and brassicas
  • Thin out some of the lettuces, and particularly the lambs lettuce (some of this lettuce can be relocated to new spaces)
  • Dead head cosmos and rose