Sandgate Community Garden: Update 25 August 2019

Sending out our weekly newsletter Saturday evening instead of Sunday morning this time, as we will be up early setting up our stall at the Sandgate Sea and Food Festival on Sunday morning!  We had a great time collecting things from the garden to bring to the Festival to show.  It was time well spent with new garden companions, now friends, and treasure hunting for lost beans, tomatoes and courgettes in the undergrowth!

The sun and the flower patch brought out a number of butterflies and bees, and it was quite idyllic.  It is no wonder that gardening is known to be great therapy, and that is even before tasting something picked fresh, warm, and sun ripened…..absolutely no comparison with shop bought.  Some of us will be at the Festival to talk about achievements so far and great plans for the future, so come along and say hello!

Attached is a letter from The Sandgate Society thanking us all for the raffle prize hamper we put together for the Garden Party, we are more than pleased that we could do that, so well done all the diggers and donators, your hard work is not going unnoticed!

Talking of donations, we had a more than generous donation of £20 from a local follower and well-wisher; this will go straight into our seed fund, as we will soon have to take stock of our growing intentions for next year! 

Although we have lots of lovely courgettes, we have had four separate requests for a supply of marrows which is not something you see these days in the supermarkets.  So, marrow seeds are on the list, and if you have any requests……..just let us know and we will do our best to oblige!

What’s next?

  • Keep watering!
  • Keep picking
  • Finish treating the bug hotel
  • Set out the new beds
  • Keep weeding