Sandgate Community Garden: Update 1 September 2019

We had an incredible day at the Sandgate Sea and Food Festival last Sunday!  So much support from everyone there, and many generous donations!  We collected an amazing £102, and the vegetables we brought from the garden disappeared from the stall at speed.  Attached are some photos from the day, and we are sporting our T shirts we bought ourselves to advertise what we were representing….we almost looked professional!!  It was good to see so many people there we now know through working at the garden, and it is clear that the word is getting round that things are happening in that part of the park!

This week we have watered, weeded, set out the new beds in the newly dug area, finished painting the bug hotel, and most important…….. kept picking all things ripe and ready.  This week it is all about tomatoes, and we have them in all shapes and colours, we even have some that have horns … seriously! (Check out the pictures on our Instagram page!).  Now we are getting into September, we are making the last of the seed sowings of Japanese and Chinese vegetables, fast to grow, and with protection, can carry on over the winter.  However the pace is not going to slip just because summer is passing us by, we still have so much more to do. 

A reminder that our picnic will be at the garden on Sunday 22nd September – a celebration of a fantastic start to the project this summer, and looking forward to much more to come.

What’s next?

  • Keep watering
  • Keep picking
  • Cut back squash leaves and tomato leaves to expose the fruits to the sun for ripening
  • We might need to turn the compost heap this week?
  • Check how many strawberry plants we have from the runners and plant in new bed if rooted