Sandgate Community Garden: Update 8 September 2019

There is a different feel in the air now, and as the nights are starting to draw in, we are beginning to think of autumn and the changes to the plot….

We have harvested the big blue winter squashes this week, they can finish ripening in a sunny spot anywhere as they have finished growing, and we need to start clearing and reusing the space.  The butternut squashes have been exposed, and are next to be harvested.  There are plenty of tomatoes but we may soon have to consider bringing them indoors to finish off.  It has been very dry still, so watering has been a must, especially for the new seedlings of winter spinach and Chinese salads.  Leaves are starting to fall; another valuable resource we hope to be able to make good use of and start collecting.

The compost heap has been turned for the first time, and we were treated to the sight of a slow worm in the middle of it….. that was our dose of awe and wonder for the day…such an amazing thing to see.  It went off into the undergrowth and will hopefully make its way back to the warm compost again.  The picture below does not do it any justice.

What’s next

  • Keep watering
  • Keep picking
  • Are the butternuts ready?
  • Start planting up the strawberry bed with the plants we already have.
  • Pick up and compost fallen leaves especially in the growing area.