Sandgate Community Garden: Update 29 September 2019

Watering was certainly not an issue this week, there was plenty of rain for a change….. it managed to hold off for our celebratory picnic for which we were grateful!  Many of the ingredients for the food came from the plot, it tasted so good!

The strawberry bed has been planted up at last, and the new plants have time to set some roots before the weather gets too cold.

Below are two pictures of Amaranth that have appeared totally unexpected in the flower area.  Amaranth is a superfood, used as a grain or made into oil; in fact the entire plant is edible and has medicinal benefits.  It is often used as a bedding plant because it is so colourful and comes in many different forms.  However, check out the colours of the rainbow chard…just stunning!

What’s next?

  • Continue to clear and tidy the plot
  • Ooops! Still not potted up those chillies or cut back tree base growth!
  • Start putting in support posts