Sandgate Community Garden: Update 6 October 2019

This week we have waved goodbye to the tomato plants, harvested all the green tomatoes, and are ripening them on window ledges.

At last the little chilli plants sown from seed have been potted up and taken indoors, they will be replanted next year, after the risk of frost has passed.

The nursery children came along on Wednesday bringing all their fruit peelings for our compost heap, swapping it for a few vines of tomatoes to ripen in their classroom.  We spent some time rummaging around in the heaps to see what there was in there, and identifying all the wildlife!  We had help collecting more leaves, and have finished the leaf mulch bin and now have a mission to fill it up!

On Saturday afternoon we took some potted up cuttings and collected seeds to barter at the Hythe seed and plant swap!  We came away with a variety of different seeds and plants we can use in the garden and not a single penny had to change hands!  It is such a good idea, and the Hythe Environmental group were also pressing apples in the square from donated apples….. the resulting juice was quite delicious!  As you can imagine, we need lots of seeds for next year, however luckily we were able to get 96 packets of seeds at a garden centre seed sale for 50p a packet!  They should keep us going for a while!

What’s next?

  • Collect leaves, leaves, and more leaves!
  • We need to sort out two more compost heaps
  • Keep tidying, weeding and turning over the ground as it is emptied
  • Start to empty the herb boxes – save any plants that can be saved