Sandgate Community Garden: Update 27 October 2019

Things are moving really fast now, the plot has been dug by Paul with the digger, a pond shape created, hedging and more soft fruit plants on order, the windbreak mesh has arrived as well as winter fleece to protect from the worst of the weather to come.  We have started to work on the turned soil removing clumps of grass, big roots and stones, then raking to a finer tithe, all in advance of a big plant up just as soon as all the preparation has been done.  Last week’s list of jobs had to be put on hold as we were overtaken by the event of the big dig, but it was most welcome and we are all chuffed to bits!  We now need to set out the new planting areas together with pathways as a priority, as we have to tramp across the newly dug area to get to the established plot.  The clocks have gone back an hour this weekend, yet another reminder that we are fast approaching the winter months and need to get things planted just in case there should be a freeze over……you never know, and it is always good to be prepared!

The onion and garlic sets are on standby to be planted first, and we know that it is certainly not a competition; however, the garlic and onion sets planted with the nursery have already started to romp away, with big shoots already showing!  They have had an unfair advantage of time and mild weather……not that it is a race or anything!  Garlic and soft fruit bushes or plants like to be frozen for at least a couple of weeks during the winter months, and are all the better for it.

The nursery children have planted spring bulbs by making a layer cake with them.  With some soil in a large pot, the biggest bulbs such as tulips and hyacinths are planted first, then more soil, a layer of miniature daffodil bulbs, more soil, a layer of grape hyacinths, soil and a topping of violas, pansies and primroses!   Lots of mess and grubby hands, but plenty of surprise and interest in the tasks, as well as discovering worms and all manner of minibeasts, and that’s just the nursery staff!  Afterwards, children and staff took a bucket of fruit peelings to contribute towards the compost heap,  check out the larger plot, and to peer into the hole of the soon to be pond……… who knows, they could be pond dipping by next summer!

What’s next?

  • Continue to collect leaves
  • Finish raking the soil
  • Set out the plots and paths