Sandgate Community Garden: Update 24 November 2019

We are on standby waiting for the raspberry plants to arrive.  The hedge plants arrived Saturday afternoon, they will need planting this week.  The weeds are still growing, and so we are still weeding!  The leaves continue to fall, and we continue to collect them!  When the nursery children came along this week to bring their compost, we had a good look at how the leaf compost was doing.  Just under the surface, steam can be seen rising from the pile, and it is almost hot to the touch, great for warming up cold hands! 

So many people came by the garden on Wednesday morning to say hello, I think we spent most of the time chatting, which is great!  More and more are bringing their veg peelings for our compost bins which is a good thing, and we ask that it goes in any of the plastic bins, not the wooden ones.

We are on the lookout for any pieces of spare marine plywood, minimum 60cm square so that Eddie can repair the herb boxes that are currently in a sad state.  Please get in touch via this address if you can source some.

On Saturday we planted the two Heritage apple trees bought at Brogdale in October.  Freddie kindly bought the trees for the garden, and came along with her sister, to help plant them.  The trees are in memory of their mother, and all the apple pies she used to make for picnics on the beach.  Let us hope we can carry on the tradition.

On Sunday, some of us are off to a hop growing course…… more about that next week!

What’s next?

  • Get the hedge plants in ASAP!
  • Begin to put in the wind shelter posts.
  • General weeding of identifiable weeds
  • Paint the bird boxes
  • Collect leaves