Sandgate Community Garden: Update 5 January 2020

During the course of this week the pond hole was double checked for stones, lined with sand, lined again with a fleece material designed to protect the waterproof layer from underground sharp objects, and finally the butyl top was laid down.  It took three of us to manoeuvre it into position, and very glad we were that there were no high winds.  However we will have to keep an eye of the weather as we have no means of filling the pond other than from the rain, which will also weigh down the liners… in the meantime a major gust of wind could see the whole thing flying off in the direction of Folkestone, and we are hoping that various rocks around the edge will do for now.  Once the pond has filled and pulled the liner into place, the edges can be cut to size and made to look more natural.  In spite of all the rain we have had recently, we are still hoping for more to get this pond up and running at last!

The New Year’s resolution is to refer to a lunar calendar and plant in harmony with the lunar rhythms.  We are being quite open minded about the whole thing, and are glad to know that midnight planting is not required.  We will not always be able to stick to the calendar, but a start has been made with sowings of two different lettuce varieties, and some cauliflowers.  As the seasons roll on, we shall keep reviewing how it is all going and let you know…

The Chinese cabbage has finally come to an end, and we will be glad to grow it again this year as it was well worth the effort.  For now, the purple sprouting is forming some big fat heads which will be followed by a multitude of side shoots to come as the weather gets warmer.   Spring may be around the corner but anything can happen in an English garden in winter and spring, from a heat wave to a foot of snow; always something to make things more interesting.

We have lots of tidying up to do this coming week as it seems we will be having some visitors – more about that in next week’s newsletter.

What’s next?

  • Tidy up and weed
  • Sow a few more broad beans to fill any gaps
  • Sow a tray of turnips
  • Still plenty of paths to be covered in chippings