Sandgate Community Garden: Update 8 March 2020

Such is the generosity and kindness of our community that the call for greenhouse space was answered, and we now have temporary homes for our seedlings to get going.  Lee came up trumps with a small portable greenhouse for us to borrow, not even out of the box; and Kath has room in a greenhouse on top of her shed, just perfect, and we are very grateful.

This week we succeeded in sowing more seeds, planting out the radishes, and lots of hoeing and weeding as the site was starting to develop a green tinge of tiny weedy seedlings, and it is important to run a hoe or rake over the ground now before they have the chance to grow any bigger and therefore make the job of getting rid of them that much harder.

We are excited to announce that we are to be joining the Incredible Edible movement, combining forces with Cheriton and Broadmead in various projects around the area.  If you have never heard of Incredible Edible before, here is the address to the inspirational TED talk by Pam Warhurst, a founder member of the movement which has now gone worldwide.

The idea is to plant up any available space with fruit and vegetables or trees for anybody to help themselves to.  It is free food, encouraging people to eat fresh, local and seasonal, and to cook from scratch.  If you get the chance to check out the TED talk you will be amazed how such a simple idea made an impact that was life changing for many of the people involved, and helped to create a strong community. 

There have been talks with the station manager and the railway Community Officer at Folkestone West this week, with a view to planting up the station platforms with edibles for commuters to admire and pick, with encouragement to water anything that looks like it could do with a drink.   Sandgate will start with its own Incredible Edible planter in the High Street, and more areas will get the same treatment as time goes on.  Sandgate Community Garden is featured in the March edition of Go Folkestone, and some of us will be helping to plant in Radnor Park on the weekend of 21st and 22nd March.  Everybody is welcome to come along and help too, but contact so that you can be kept informed of any changes to plans.

You may recall that we had joined the Hythe Hops scheme, and have bought four hops and membership for a year.  We got the information that the plants are ready for collection next Saturday, and so we will take time out from our Saturday morning gardening session to collect them, and bring them back for planting along the wall where we hope they will be happy.

What’s next?

  • Planting out any veg plants that are mature enough to cope outside
  • Sow even more seeds
  • Keep hoeing
  • Collect and plant hops