Sandgate Community Garden: Update 15 March 2020

This week we have planted some brassicas (varieties of the cauliflower family that are all different shapes, sizes and even colours!), more broad beans, and some sweet peas, a dwarf variety that should make small bushy plants.  The great thing about all these early plantings is that they do not mind the cold and wet weather so much, and are happy to grow in cooler temperatures.  They will also mature in early summer when the ground can then be cleared and another crop planted.  Unfortunately, along with the new shoots come the slugs and snails looking for some tender pickings, and we have lost some seedlings that never made it out of the greenhouse!  Never mind, new sowings have been made, and they will soon catch up with the earlier sown plants. 

On Saturday we made a trip over to Hythe to collect our hop plants from the Hythe Hops Scheme along with other eager growers.  As well as collecting the dormant plants, there was a seed and plant swap.  Such a great way of swapping any seeds/plants you might not need.  We were on the lookout for seeds and plants that would provide a treat for the bees.  On Wednesday we had noticed that some bumble bees were out and about in the weak sunshine and were busy foraging, luckily we have a few flowering plants such as borage and violas in full bloom.  Early flowering plants are so important for the bee population on days when they emerge and are so low on energy.  There will be plenty of flowers for them to feast on later, but there is not so much to choose from right now.

We are sowing and growing as many things as we have room for and more, for the Incredible Edible project, and the nursery children.  If you are a grower and have some spare plants or seeds, please consider us – we may even be able to do some plant bartering.  We hope at some stage to be able to have a selection of plants that can help us to raise funds through donations….. So, if you will be looking for tomato plants, or maybe a few spinach or bean plants, keep an eye on our Instagram page or newsletter for what is available.  We will also be putting up some notices at the garden to let you know what we may have, what is in season, and about any spare veg plants.

What’s next?

  • Sowing seeds
  • Planting plants
  • If there is time, make a start on planting up around the edge of the pond.