Sandgate Parish Council and COVID-19

Further the recent Government updates / press conferences, the Parish Council continues to receive updated information on the response to the Coronavirus pandemic and the response from various organisations. We’ll aim to keep this page up to date with that information and links, both local and national, over the coming days.

[Last updated: 23/3/2020 at 10.30]

If you are able, join the volunteer response team in Folkestone and Hythe:

Other updates:

Sandgate Parish Council & Library

The library is now closed until further notice, and all activities and events have been cancelled with immediate effect. The Parish Clerk is working as usual and remains contactable at 01303 248563 or email

All March Council meetings have been cancelled. Clearer advice is being sought on how meetings should continue in future / a potential move to online meetings.

At this time, Sandgate Park remains open, but please understand surfaces there are not regularly wiped and all users should be using appropriate social distancing. The Public Toilets on Granville Parade also remain open, but similarly, please exercise more than usual caution on hygiene including touching surfaces. And wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.


There are numerous offers of help (and more are welcome from those who can), including to “shop, fetch and carry” for those who are not going out for a period of time, on some of the local forums online. Please note that you should of course keep safe and alert: if someone offers assistance, please take reasonable measures to ensure they are genuinely helping. There have been some sickening stories of people (NOT in Sandgate) knocking of doors and offering shopping assistance, only to then leave with the shopping money and not be seen again. there is no central verification of people offering to help (how could there be!) so act securely.

Those offers include:

District Councillors Tim Prater and Gary Fuller have been advised to suspend their two surgeries each month (at the Sandgate Farmers Market and the Sandgate Library) for a period of time, but are happy to help people as ever by phone, email, face-to-face appointment. If you want to contact them, their details are at

Chichester Hall

Sandgate Farmers Market has been cancelled for the next few weeks, and all events in the Chichester Hall have also been suspended for now. Refunds are being offered for any event provider who wishes to cancel bookings.

For more information about the Farmers Market or the current status of events, email David Cowell at

Folkestone and Hythe District Council

All Council meetings in March have been cancelled. there are regular updates on the services they provide and assistance they can offer at

All events on F&HDC land through until 31st July have been cancelled, including performances at the Folkestone / Leas bandstand.


All pubs and clubs, cafes and restaurants in the area will have closed further to the government announcement on the evening of 20th March, but some cafes are still offering takeaway, collection and delivery options, including The Dog House. The Village Shop on Sandgate High Street remains open.


Folkestone Town Council

FTC have closed the Town Hall with immediate effect and are moving staff to remote/flexible working wherever possible.

All Council meetings in March have been cancelled.

All events and activities are being cancelled until further notice.

The Town Hall phone line (01303 257946) will be answered and officers will be contactable via email (

Hythe Town Council

Are meeting various community groups this afternoon to help co-ordinate cross town support.


The Leas Cliff Hall has cancelled all performances and closed their cafe and the Channel Suite until further notice.

All events at Folkestone Quarterhouse have been suspended until Tuesday 14 April. During that time they will review the situation and decide the next steps.