Sandgate Community Garden: Update 22 March 2020

All of a sudden we seem to have been propelled into another world because of the virus, and nothing seems certain anymore.  Perhaps the only certainty is that there are seeds to sow and plants that still require planting, and although many activities have been shut down, we can still go up to the garden to do things, and it seems that now we have more time to do so!  Saturday was beautiful out in the sunshine; we have room to keep social distancing, and plenty of jobs to be getting on with.  Many of us have our own tools and will make sure we use only them. 

We have sown turnips, celery and celeriac, more peas for shoots, and mange tout.  The tomato seedlings have been pricked out, pea plants, beetroot and spinach planted, hop poles and strings erected, and even some of the plants for around the pond got planted too.

It seems that being confined to the home for some time as led people to consider growing more fruit and veg this year, and we have had requests for tomato plants, and other veg plants too when they are available.  We were also given some seeds to sow, which were gratefully received.

We will continue to plant and sow, and by all accounts the weather is set to improve next week which will be a bonus, helping to bring on the plants in the greenhouses to be then transferred to the plot under a blanket of fleece for a few more weeks.  In the pictures below you can see some of the flowers out at the moment, and the old plum trees are also in full blossom – just fabulous.

What’s next?

  • Sow and plant
  • Water and weed