Sandgate Community Garden: Update 5 April 2020

So far so good at the Community Garden, managing our time and work amongst ourselves, using technology to communicate and get things done.  It can take longer, and more energy, but we have an enthusiastic and hardworking team, keen to make it work.

We are making sure we are following the guidelines given by the Government and the Council during this challenging time, and continue to refer to the Councils website about Allotments and their use:

‘We recognise that Allotments provide both mental and physical benefits to its gardeners and wherever possible that should continue.’

This week, the pond got more plants around the perimeter, and the wall is fully planted up with permanent trees and vines, to include this week, four Kiwi vines and a Tayberry.  We shall see how the Kiwis cope with our seaside climate!  All these vines, shrubs and trees will take up to six years or so to come to maturity, and so for a while we can interplant with a few seasonal  vegetables and herbs so as not to waste the space.

The broad beans are in full flower so it will not be long until the first pods appear.  Turnips, beetroot and coriander got planted, more sowings of celeriac, plus first sowings of welsh onions, lemon grass, basil, marigolds, nasturtiums, cosmos, chives, sorrel, and even woad!

Just a few more days to wait until the first sowings of cucumber, squashes and courgettes can be made.  It is tempting to sow them early, but a little patience often gives better results, and anyway, the greenhouse is full up!

Bee news

Ray seems confident that the bees are settling in to their new seaside address.  He has deliberately avoided opening the Langstroth hive so as to avoid the brood getting chilled, however this warmer weather will allow Ray to make his first of the year inspection, and to see just what is going on inside.  He will be looking to see if the old queen is still there, or if she has been usurped, and assessing the health and vitality of the colony.

What’s next

  • Rain due Monday, but might have to water if not enough rain arrives.
  • More seedlings to go out
  • Sow leeks and some leaf beet
  • Make more of an effort to get the posts wired!!