Sandgate Park Sign

Sandgate Park: Playground and Adult Play Equipment Remain CLOSED To All under GOVERNMENT Rules

Sandgate Parish Council have followed the Government’s Coranavirus advice throughout, and kept Sandgate Park open to give people space to exercise.

When the rules changed a little last week, we quickly changed the rules around the Tennis courts and Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) from do not use to please only use in pairs, and maintain social distancing. They are free to use, but ONLY if those rules are followed. NO large groups.

Although the huge majority of users have been respectful of the rules and making use of Sandgate Park perfectly reasonably at this time, some people seem to feel the need to stretch the point.

The playground and adult exercise equipment remain closed currently and are taped off. That because the Government’s rules – which have NOT been altered on that – say they should be. “As with before, you cannot use an outdoor gym or playground”

However, the signs and tapes and tapes on this equipment are being removed regularly, and these areas used regularly. They are CLOSED for a reason – you have to touch them, there is no reasonable way we can clean them between uses, and its a vector for transmitting disease. Even if Coranavirus won’t kill you, it might kill the people in your family, friends and workplace that you could then transmit it to. It doesn’t matter if you are a key worker, child, or just bored: they are CLOSED to ALL for public safety.

Equally, the Tennis Courts and MUGA are ONLY to be used by two people per court at a time. They are not for gatherings, get togethers or big games. Again – we’re not making this stuff up – that’s the GOVERNMENT ruling.

It’s been particularly sad that some of the people breaking these rules have been rude and unpleasant to Council enforcement officers / the Clerks / the Park Caretaker in trying to remind people to obey those rules. That is not acceptable.

Breaches of Coranavirus measures – such as using equipment closed under the government’s rules – can be reported at