Sandgate Community Garden: Update 5 July 2020

The Wednesday morning session was spent propping up leaning plants and cutting off wind burnt and shredded leaves, the condition of the garden was surprisingly better than was thought, although it seems we have more windy days to follow.  Saturday morning was a washout, rain is great and we really should not grumble but the timing was not good! 

This week we have weeded inside the cloches, planted beetroot, a random tomato plant, and the last few dwarf beans for this year.  The flowers got another cutting, and the wild flower area tidied; some of the potatoes got harvested, along with broad beans, spring onions, beetroot, salad, and courgettes.  The first salad sown in early March is nearly finished, and being overtaken by the second sowing of the year in early June; a third sowing will be made next week plus endives, both frizzy and escarole varieties.  This month there will be sowings of chard, kohlrabi, Florence fennel, more kale, and at the end of the month, some Chinese cabbage, lots to look forward to!

We are keeping a close eye on our hop plants, and have sent our photos of them to the Hythe Environmental group to deliver a verdict on how they are looking as first year plants.  It seems from their feedback that they are looking good and strong.  The next milestone is the appearance of the first ‘cones’ from the insignificant looking burrs or flowers…. Then we will be in business for picking the cones in September to be made into local beer.  Not long now.

The second incredible edible project was finished in Sandgate and planted up with runner beans, dwarf beans, chillies, strawberry plants, tomato plants, squashes and all manner of herbs.  The neighbours seemed pleased with the new look, and have volunteered to make some additions.  We are now turning our attention towards the possibility of yet another Edible space in Sandgate, more details to follow as and when there is progress.

What’s next?

  • Raise the cloches as the brassicas inside get taller.
  • Cut off the strawberry runners not required this year
  • Keep cutting and picking
  • Sowings of seeds as mentioned
  • Cut back lower third of hop side shoots