Sandgate Community Garden: Update 26 July 2020

Now that restrictions are lifting and it is possible to go away or simply go back to work, it meant that the Wednesday morning session was quiet and many of our jobs on the list did not get done.  However, we made up for it Saturday, with beginner gardeners, and a steady trail of visitors either coming to look or to take vegetables or cut flowers home. 

In the week, the parks department of the Folkestone and Hythe Council very kindly brought us some compost from their yard which will be going to good use.  Some of the courgettes are sitting on a thin layer of compost, and a couple got pulled out by a visiting fox or badger, so some compost was spread around them to help them bed in better.  Our own compost bins got turned, and we now have a ton of simply the best compost waiting in the wings to be used on the garden over the winter.  With any luck we should have at least three ton bag size heaps of the stuff to go onto the beds later….. happy days! 

The Pink Fur Apple potatoes got harvested, and some kale plants immediately planted in their place, and of course covered in a mesh for protection.  We did not find time to block the spaces under the fence – maybe this week!  The priority is to make sure we keep up with the picking of the flowers, courgettes and beans in particular, or they will stop producing any more.  We were surprised to find we had some rather large cucumbers lurking in the foliage, they had been totally missed and we had no idea they were there and ready!  Quite often you have to search hard for ripe veg, as they are experts at camouflage.

Bee news

Chris has now got a second hive, and sent some amazing action pictures of bees in flight; one is shown below – beautiful.

Incredible Edible news

Some of the Incredible Edible team and the Community gardeners joined forces on Tuesday to begin work on tidying and clearing the brick planters in the Golden Valley shopping car park.  We are working with the Parish Council and the shop keepers to plant up the space with edibles and bee attracting plants that the shop keepers will be happy to perhaps help look after and make more personal to them.  Meanwhile, we commissioned three wooden planters to be made by Martin who lives locally, to position in Fremantle Park (he did an amazing job; got them done in no time and they are proper solid too!).  The Sandgate Society has kindly donated some funds to enable us to get them planted with herbs and vegetables for residents to help themselves to.  Thanks also go to Adrian and Gaye who funded two of the planters.  The Parish Council since taking over responsibility for the park have upgraded the children’s play area as well as made repairs and planted some trees.  They are keen for local people to get involved with using the park, and we hope that there could be an interest in starting up a small community garden there.  Please contact the Sandgate Parish Council if you are interested in becoming a friend of the Fremantle Park and would like to get involved.  There are to be more working parties over the next week or so and we will keep you updated with progress.

What’s next?

  • Keep picking, but might only need to water some things after the rain on Saturday!
  • Sow rocket, pak choi, coriander, dill, chervil and land cress.
  • Cover the gaps under the fence
  • Check the brassicas just in case they have been sabotaged by cabbage whites!