Sandgate Park Tennis Court: Closed

We’re sorry to have to do so, but following the (now) clear guidance issued by Government and the Lawn Tennis Association, we have had to close the Sandgate Park Tennis Court and will be removing the net until the end of lockdown on 2nd December.

It will be returned to the court so free use of the tennis court can restart as soon as possible thereafter. Although we find closing a court like this odd given we were not required to do so through the first lockdown, we can only follow the Government guidance available.—latest-advice/#england

The Government has announced new national restrictions for England between Thursday 5 November – Wednesday 2 December.

Despite the LTA and tennis community making a strong case to Government, we can confirm that the new restrictions mean that tennis activity in England is not permitted for the duration of the national lockdown, as a result of the closure of all outdoor and indoor facilities.  The only exceptions to this are for elite tennis players, and for tennis activity in schools, colleges and other educational establishments as part of education.

Whilst we are disappointed with the outcome, we must urge all involved with tennis in England to adhere to the decision that the Government has taken.