Beacons – Community engagement project with Alison Neighbour, Creative Folkestone and SparkedEcho

Beacons is an outdoor performance planned for December 2021. It is about the connections within our ecosystem and our dependence on each other (people, places, and creatures). It will involve a treasure hunt across the whole borough in November and December, leading to a magical sound and light performance on Sunny Sands beach on the winter solstice. 

The heroes of our story are Sea Gooseberries, creatures found in every ocean of the world who may be the ancestors of every other living creature, including us humans. From time to time, particularly in spring and early summer, they wash up on to the beaches of Folkestone. Containing millennia of experience could they be beacons we all need as we seek a way to save our world?

The other heroes are members of our community and our local and global eco system! We’re recruiting 13 Sea Gooseberry Guardians; one for each ward in Folkestone, Hythe & Romney Marsh. The role of the Sea Gooseberry Guardians is to make connections with as many people and businesses as possible in their ward, creating excitement for the project and collecting people’s stories. By November, each Sea Gooseberry Guardian will have recruited 13 places across their ward for a Sea Gooseberry – a beautiful, glowing art work made for Beacons– to be situated for the November and December treasure hunt.

In exchange for help engaging local communities in this project we are offering Sea Gooseberry Guardians a payment of £1000 in thanks for their time and efforts. Find out more about becoming a Sea Gooseberry Guardian here: Become a Sea Gooseberry Guardian – Creative Folkestone