Tim Prater with the 2021 Seaside Award Flag

Sandgate Beach Gets Seaside Award for NINTH Year Running

Sandgate beach has been named as one of country’s best beaches by environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy – for the NINTH year running!

Sandgate’s award places it amongst the country’s very best beaches, from popular holiday spots to quiet, more hidden-away spots. What unites them all is knowing that they are clean, safe and meet the highest environmental standards, as well as the tough international bathing water quality standards.

Tim Prater, Chairman of Sandgate Parish Council, said:

“Just 132 beaches in England have won the Seaside Award this year, no other beaches in Folkestone & Hythe, and Sandgate is the only Parish Council in the country on the winners list. We have so many reasons to be proud that Sandgate Beach has won the Seaside Award for the NINTH year running.

“It’s totally a team effort. Fom the residents and businesses that play their part in keeping the beach tidy, the facilities provided by and signposted by the Parish Council and others, Councillors like Nabin Siwa and non-Councillors working as a team to apply year after year, and the support of F&HDC and Veolia for their work in collecting waste and emptying bins. it just wouldn’t happen without all of them, and it is something we should celebrate together.”

Environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy announced the winners of prestigious Blue Flag and Seaside Awards for 2021. 132 beaches in England have received a Seaside Award, and 76 have acheived Blue Flag status.

The international Blue Flag and the UK Seaside Awards are the quality marks for our beaches and mean those visiting them can be sure that they are clean, safe and meet the highest environmental standards, as well as the tough international bathing water quality standards.

Keep Britain Tidy’s Chief Executive Allison Ogden-Newton OBE said: “This year, more than ever, we are going to be relying on our country’s beautiful beaches to escape for a much-needed break after all the stresses and strains of the past year.

“Whether it’s camping in Cornwall, renting a cottage in North Yorkshire or simply having a day out at the seaside in Sussex, a fantastic beach is an essential part of a holiday for so many of us.

“Last year, due to the pandemic, we did not have the opportunity to celebrate all the great award-winning beaches around the coast so this year we are delighted to have even more winners than we did in 2019, thanks to the incredible work of the teams around the country that make our beaches clean and safe for us all to enjoy.

“From environmental education for the local community and ensuring responsible beach use, to cleaning regimes and an increasing number of recycling facilities, it is a full-time commitment to create beaches worthy of these awards.

“As we all plan our 2021 holidays much closer to home, thanks to the Blue Flag and Seaside Award those choosing to holiday at a destination with an award-winning beach can be assured it will be clean and safe and meet the highest standards for water quality and management.”