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Resources Agenda 14-09-2021

This meeting (as per the agenda) will be held in the Library with a 6:30pm start, and also streamed live on our Facebook page at

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Energy Contracts (Item 7): Report of the RFO 5/9/2021

I have continued discussions with Utility Aid and Resolve as requested. I do have pricing from our existing supplier BES which is much higher than the others.

As advised previously BULB our short term supplier do not provide fixed prices which appeared to be the preferred way forward.

The council has expressed a clear preference for green energy supply options.

Utility Aid have been able to sharpen their pencil and are now offering the best tariffs for our two electricity contracts and the Library Gas. There is volatility in the market and pricing appears to be increasing.

Mindful of what I anticipate to be ongoing budgetary challenges for the Parish a fixed unit cost will be helpful. It won’t control consumption which within the Library is fairly modest. The Kiosk as an example is estimated to have used £441.73 (excluding VAT) of Electricity in August. Tim you said something about installing some solar panels on the roof there – if we could find a grant to cover most of the cost its maybe something for consideration within next year’s budget planning?

I have summarised the following figures with Utility Aids current figures against Resolves earlier options. It appears that Resolves electricity unit costs have increased recently. Resolves fixed contracts are fixed at entry but understand they can increase prices during the term so are semi fixed in my mind.

Utility Aid

Gas – Crown – Estimated cost £713.61 (Green Tariff)

Electricity – Haven Complete – Estimated cost £2,211.41 (Green Tariff)

Total Cost £2925.02


Gas –  Estimated cost £719.64

Electricity – Estimated cost £2713.77

Total Cost £3,433.41

The Utility Aid offering is:

1/ Fully Fixed for 3 years.

2/At least £500 cheaper than Resolve.

3/ They will provide us account management, bill verification, and assistance for journey to net-zero ( I have asked for confirmation in writing that these services are free):

My recommendation is that we proceed with Utility Aid on 3 year fixed options. I noted that the National Association of Local Councils (NALC) advertise Utility Aid as a current Commercial Partner.