Sandgate Library CLOSED for the next few days [Update: Now Open!]

Over the weekend, Sandgate Library has sprung a leak, and it’s currently a bit wet!

Works are already in hand to sort and fix the cause of the problem (blocked drain to the flat roof above), and to then deal with the clean up required before we can reopen (cleaning carpets, checking electrics – that sort of thing).

We hope that won’t take too long, but expect it will be at least a couple of days and we will update as soon as we can.

In the meantime, the Library and Parish Office will be closed to visitors, but our Parish Clerk remains contactable at 

Update 9/10/21: We’re pleased to say that after the flooding of last week, we’re now sorted, the Library reopened on Thursday and all is now well.

Sandgate Library is therefore open and looking forward to see you from 9.30am on Monday as usual!