Barracks sign

Napier Barracks Planning Consultation

The Government has launched a planning consultation for the extension of the use of Napier Barracks to house asylum seekers until 2026 (!)

The consultation closes on 30th January 2022.

The decision to use the site for up to a further 5 years was made by the Home Office in August last year without carrying out a consultation.

Parish Council Chairman, Tim Prater, commented:

“The use of Special Development Order to grant themselves planning permission for Napier Barracks for the next five years, without consultation with the community, was outrageous.

“Local people said the barracks were unsuitable from day one. we were right. Yet still the government has run roughshod over local opinion – and even planning law – to grant themselves an extension to use the site DESPITE saying it was just for a few months at the start. The Home Office have consistently ignored local and expert opinion. They should do the right thing and promise to close the camp, not plan to use it until 2026.

“Normal planning permission laws have been bypassed and therefore the vital opinions of the local community and statutory bodies have also not been taken into consideration.”