Invitation to tender for works to Sandgate Library

Invitation to tender: Building Works

Sandgate Parish Council currently holds a long lease for the public library and parish office premises in Sandgate High Street. We are issuing this invitation to tender for internal building works to the library.

Improvement of access to the building for all is important to the Parish Council. This is not just making it easier to get into and use the library in opening hours, but also to extend the use of the premises for more community activities and events.

We have a number of issues currently we wish to resolve:

Library Entrance

Currently the building’s entrance doorway is unwelcoming and difficult to use for those in and with buggies, prams, wheelchairs and mobility issues. We want to improve that by repositioning and replacing the front door, lighting and door opening mechanism.


The only toilet in the building is currently not for public use and is inaccessible for those with mobility issues. We want the toilet, and its access, remodelled to make it accessible to all.


We have limited storage in the library. To fix this, we’re proposing a large built in secure storage area is built at the rear of the library. This would extend along the back wall with shelving and sliding doors.

Invitation to Tender

Sandgate Parish Council would be pleased to receive quotations for these works from local suppliers. We’d prefer quotations for all 3 of the works above, but are happy to consider options with a variety of local contractors working together.

We recommend making an appointment to see the library and discuss the proposed works before tending a quotation. Also, contractors will have to have relevant insurances and references for similar works.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Gaye Thomas

Parish Clerk and Librarian

01303 248563

Mon-Tues 9am-1pm

Thurs-Fri 9am-1pm