Sandgate Parish Council Agenda Coversheet

Annual Parish Meeting Agenda 17-05-2022

The agenda for the Sandgate Annual Parish Meeting, to held at 6.30pm on Tuesday 17th May 2022, in Sandgate Library.


The Parish meeting is open to press and public. If you would like to attend this meeting, please notify in advance. Letting us know allows us to make sure we have sufficient seats for you and allow reasonable spacing.

Members of the public can ask questions and make suggestions in the Public Participation section of the Annual Parish Meeting.

Any questions (deemed to be reasonable) sent to will be read and, if possible, answered at the meeting.

If a member of the public would prefer to speak and ask their question themselves, that’s fine.

The Annual Parish Meeting is a meeting for and for electors of the Parish, not the council. It is required in Part III the Local Government Act of 1972 which specifies:

  • when it is to be held,
  • the meeting notice period,
  • that the Chairman of the Parish Council shall Chair the meeting,
  • and who shall be eligible to vote, if there are any votes.

Our agenda will give an opportunity to update the Parish on the work of the Parish Council, and plans for the next year. We will also be updated on the proposed merger of the Sandgate Heritage Trust and Sandgate Society. There will be an opportunity for questions on both those items.

Following the meeting will be the annual meeting of the Parish Council (which we will try to keep short!), then a small reception for all present to say thank you for coming along.