Public Right of Way Footpath Claim Hospital Hill / Sandy Lane / Shorncliffe Redoubt Area

Path from HF46 (North End Sandy Lane) to junctions with HF48 and HB1 and from HB1 to junction at West Road and Hospital Hill (opposite MOD Area) Path can be accessed from either entrance/exit.

Dear All,

I know that many of you over the years will have used this route. A few years ago I discovered that the path used is NOT A PUBLIC RIGHT OF WAY.

This needs to be rectified and I’m asking for your help as I need witness statements to ‘claim’ the path for Sandgate / Seabrook / Hythe residents and all other members of the public. I have the support of Sandgate Parish Council.

The KCC Definitive Map Officer says I need as many witness statements as I can get. The path/s must have been used for (at least) 20 years BACK from the date of the claim.

One person does not have to have used the path/s for a full 20 years, but the use needs to be continuous.

Please see attached maps and evidence forms.

The route shown with a dashed line on the attached map is the one that I’d like to ‘claim’. If you have used this route or any part of it at any time over the past 20 years then you need to include a SIGNED copy of it with your evidence forms.

There is a blank map attached for you to draw your route with dashed black lines, this is the map you need to submit NOT the map with the route already shown.

At Sandgate Library there is a map showing grid references if you would like to use them BUT a description of the route is sufficient. Also there are copies of some old maps showing parts of the path. There are also photos showing both entrance/exit of the path.

This cannot be done electronically, all witness statements must be submitted on paper.

There are maps with witness / evidence forms at Sandgate and Hythe Libraries.

Please leave your completed forms at Sandgate or Hythe Libraries.

It is permitted for help to be given (if you find the procedure complicated) with the witness statements, this can be done by me at Sandgate Library.

Check List.

  • Your drawn route on map.
  • Map signed on reverse.
  • General Data Protection Regulation.
  • Public Right of Way User Evidence Statement.

Any queries please phone 01303 249906 / 07796 784678 or email

Yours, Rosemary Sanders (Applicant)

Supporting Images and Documents

Photo of concrete posts start/end of path to be claimed. Path begins near the Military Cemetery.

Private Land sign was erected approximately three years ago, near the Military Cemetery.
Photo of gate and fingerpost at start/end of path to be claimed. path begins opposite MOD Area and near/opposite Upper Corniche/Martello Tower 8. Fingerpost, Dragonfly Way to Seabrook Valley.

Historic Map showing very faint lines possibly indicating a path.
Map showing start/end of path leading to R.C. Church.
Map showing (concrete) posts at north end of Sandy Lane.
OS map. (Ordnance Survey)
Map with grid references. The path I would like to claim is shown with long dashed black lines.