Reed Warbler Cuckoo, By Per Harald Olsen - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,


In the Folkestone & Hythe area we have had a number of people Cuckooed and are asking people to let us know if they suspect anyone in their area is falling victim to Cuckooing.

What is Cuckooing?

Cuckooing is where a drug dealer or group of drug dealers takes over the premises of a vulnerable person either by friendship, force or a combination of both, before turning it into a base to deal drugs from. Cuckooing is not a group of drug users moving in with a fellow user and then all of them using drugs together and causing anti-social behaviour in the vicinity. It could happen to a vulnerable neighbour, friend or family member you know.

How to spot the signs?

·  Vulnerable Person (Elderly, Disabled, Mental Health)

·  Regular Visitors To The Property

·  Unexplained Increase of Money, Clothes or Mobile Phones

·  Late Night/All Day Parties

·  Evidence of Drug Use

·  Significant Changes In Emotional Well-being

·  Increase in ASB Around The Property

·  Unexplained Injuries To The Vulnerable Person

·  Cars & Bikes Visiting

How to Report it? If you suspect cuckooing, report it to Kent Police online or by calling 101. You can report it anonymously to Crimestoppers online or by calling 0800 555 111. Supported by all community safety partners across Kent.