Sandgate Parish Council Agenda Coversheet

Library Committee Agenda 12-07-2022

The agenda of Sandgate’s Parish Council Library Committee meeting. The meeting will be held on 12th July 2022, at noon, in Sandgate Library.


The Library Committee meeting is open to press and public. If any member of the public wishes to attend, please can they notify in advance. This allows us to ensure we have sufficient seats and allow reasonable spacing.

Previous Sandgate Parish Council Library Committee Agenda and Minutes. We publish agendas a few days before a meeting. We then post draft minutes in the week after a meeting.

Although most of our meetings are also broadcast live on our Facebook page that won’t be the same for this Library Committee meeting. Meeting recordings are left on Facebook for a few months after the meeting so can be watched back later. Comments made on Facebook videoes during the meeting are not be monitored and are not a way of feeding back to the Council.