Tim Prater and Defibrillator at Sandgate Library

New defibrillators being installed through Sandgate Parish

Some months ago, local resident Andrew Bragg raised with Parish Chairman Tim Prater that one defibrillator in Sandgate was… Not enough.

A heart attack victim needs support as soon as possible, within a very few minutes. The longer the delay, the lower the chance of success.

The council took it on board, and talked to a number of people and found some funding sources and locations able to host. And now the new machines are starting to be fitted.

So to add to the defib on The Boat House on Granville Parade, we’ve now got a new machine Sandgate Parish Council and Library – Kent on the High Street, and new ones will be installed at the Golden Arrow in Golden Valley and another behind the counter at the The Sandgate Hotel on the Esplanade.

We’ll back these all up when all are in place with signage across the village – no use if you can’t find them. They cost a bit, but nothing to the chance that they might save a life, or reduce the damage caused. Great investment: thanks Andrew for pushing us!