Folkestone West train station

Network Railcards and the 09:58 Folkestone West to St Pancras

Many train users locally have raised concerns about the recent Southeastern timetable change. This seemed to mean railcards (like Network Railcards) could no longer be used as before on the post peak trains to London, as the departure time from Folkestone Central and Folkestone West has changed from after 10 am to just before.

This was raised at the White Cliffs Community Rail Partnership meeting with Southeastern on 31st January. The response is below, and the good news is that you CAN use their Network Railcard on the 9.55/9.58 train. However, users need to purchase their ticket at the ticket office or purchase a ticket for the next train (but then travel on the 9.55/9.58) to get the discount applied.

“Special easement for 09.55/09.58 from Folkestone Central/West

“The 09.55 service from Folkestone Central – St Pancras International (09.58 from Folkestone West) had a Super Off-Peak easement added from 11th December due to the timetable changes; previously the train departed at 10.00 / 10.02.

“Network Railcard discounts were not able to be included, but have now been agreed as a special easement  for Folkestone; however this will not be reflected in Journey Planner software or online when purchasing. Ticket Office staff can issue tickets for this service with the Network Railcard discount; online purchases (and TVMs) will rely on passengers selecting a later service for travel, but then using the 09.55/09.58 departure.

“We appreciate this may cause confusion for some passengers, but is the only option we can currently offer without refusing the Network Railcards discount entirely.”