Sound Quality for SPC Meeting Broadcasts

Sandgate Parish Council broadcast all our full Council and Committee meetings online live (and able to watch back for some months following the meeting) at

We have had some feedback on, and have been monitoring, the sound quality of our televised meetings and concluded that it needed improvement.

We purchased some improved sound technology and used it last night for the first time. We hope that you will agree it’s a massive improvement: last nights meeting is at (and could compare it with a previous meeting such as at

For reference, we replaced our previous “budget” desk microphone system with a pair of Anker Power Conf S500 Speakerphones

What is even more impressive is that we only used one of those for the meeting last night: the second didn’t make it out of the box, but the sound quality is already so much better. We still have somewhere to go to improve further, but massive step forward.