Petition to Kent County Council: 20mph for Sandgate

A petition to Kent County Council has been launched to support Sandgate Parish Council’s long standing campaign for a 20mph zone through Sandgate. That includes the A259 Sandgate Hill, Sandgate High Street and Sandgate Esplanade and better enforcement of the speed limit.

Sign the 20mph for Sandgate petition.

The petition has been set up using the Kent Petition scheme. It is designed to force Kent County Council to finally listen to our long standing campaign for Sandgate and implement a 20 mph scheme. The Kent Petition scheme says:

(a) Where the petition relates to a County Council matter that relates to a specific District Council area and contains at least 1,000 signatures it will be debated at the most appropriate local meeting (e.g. Joint Transportation Board).
(b) Between 2500 and 9999 signatures, the petition will be debated at the appropriate Cabinet Committee.
(c) 10,000 signatures or more, the petition will be debated at County Council.

We want as many signatures as we can to get this debated at the highest levels of Kent County Council.

How You Can Help the 20mph for Sandgate Campaign

Sign Our Petition online. We know the Kent Petition system currently has error messages on it, and it is not an easy one to use. But we have tested, many local residents have signed successfully. Please persevere!

Put up a poster encouraging others to sign online. You can download a copy of our poster below.


Print out a paper petition form for people to sign. You can download our paper petition form below (its designed to be printed double sided).

Please drop completed forms to Sandgate Parish Council & Library, James Morris Court, Sandgate High Street, Sandgate, Folkestone CT20 3RR. They will be collated and sent in to be added to the online signatories.


Please only sign the petition once online or on paper. Kent will remove duplicates so there is no advantage in doing so.

Find other ways to help our campaign at

Like and follow our 20’s Plenty for Sandgate Campaign Facebook Page.