Sandgate Community Garden: Update 21 January 2024

Sandgate Community Garden Team Diary Entry for 21st January: Cold weather, awards and the return of Disco Soup.

The weather this week continues to challenge our perseverance as to how long we can manage to work in the garden before all sense of feeling in the fingers and toes disappear!  We kept the sessions to just one hour which is fine if you are being active enough.  In spite of the cold the rhubarb is starting to make an appearance which seems incredible considering much of the ground is frozen solid and we had to refrain from doing anything with some of the potted plants as they were frozen into the pots.

Despite the frosts, there were plenty of holes around the plot in evidence this week, some were dug from above ground, probably in the search for juicy worms below, but some have been dug from below ground – just small, deep gaping holes to who knows where, but interesting all the same.  It makes you ponder, thinking of the recent flooding in the UK, of the plight of the creatures living underground, and how they can possibly survive.  Luckily our garden is not prone to flooding.

The new stacking crates got labelled so that we can easily find the small tools, (such a luxury) and the rest of our time was spent weeding and cutting back dead growth or shrubs.  We had a large patch of allium triquetrum, better known as the three cornered garlic or leek.  It is quite prolific in Sandgate, and spreads like mad if given the opportunity.  It was decided to take out this large patch as we have more elsewhere anyway and it makes a great pesto, so most of it got eaten.  However be warned that this plant is not native to us and considered invasive and therefore it is an offence to introduce this plant to the wild.

We had a delivery of woodchip, and so one of our tasks for next week is to put a good layer of them on the main paths as they are breaking down fast from their last dressing of chips!  That should certainly keep us warm, although the signs are that it should be warmer outside anyway.

We have been awarded a certificate by Councillor Dr Stephen Scoffham, (cabinet member for climate, environment and biodiversity) for our community composting project at Folkestone College.  Early days, but the food composting project is underway and we are composting anything from vegetable peelings to hot dogs, fish heads and potato chips.  The cold weather does affect the composting unsurprisingly, but it will be in full swing once the air temperature and the composter temperature start to rise.

Last but not least, we are supporting the next ‘Disco Soup’ event being held next Saturday at Radnor Park Bowls Club, Radnor Park, Folkestone, from 11am to 3pm.  A great free family event all about using waste food to make a community feast, you can dance, cook and eat whilst local DJ Andy Tempest gets the party going.  Check out social media for details on how to book a free ticket.

What’s next? 

  • Get those wood chips down on the paths
  • Have the pots defrosted?
  • Empty the compost net
  • Still got hedge runners to remove

This weeks update from the Sandgate Community Garden Diary.