Sandgate Community Garden: Update 24 March 2024

Sandgate Community Garden Team Diary Entry for 24th March: Unleash the ladybirds.

We were lucky to be able to get along to our gardening sessions Wednesday and Saturday without being rained on although it seems to have rained for most of the other days.  On Saturday there was a biting wind so that sitting still for too long pricking out seedlings was not to be recommended.  However we did for a while so that the aubergines were potted up for the greenhouse at Pent Farm, and yet more tomatoes pricked out to go with those we did on Wednesday.

Wednesday felt warmer than Saturday, and it seems the ladybirds thought so too, enough to come out from their hibernation spaces which it seems are in all the nooks and crannies of the entire fence.  They were appearing in droves, sunning themselves on the fence, then flying off mostly into the garden.  We have never seen quite so many in one go.  We have seen plenty before but never as many as this.  It is a good job they are a friend of the garden or we would be in trouble for sure.

We have been rewarded with some sprouting broccoli, the bits that did not get eaten by the pigeons, and were somewhat bewildered to understand why what should be purple sprouting is actually white.  It is just another example of seed companies having free reign to mostly do as they like and you can never really be sure of what you are getting until you do the growing.  It tastes the same of course but it was not what we were expecting.

Talking of tasting – Leanne, one of our gardeners, has just completed a course to qualify in Nutrition in Culinary Practice.  Her final task was to create a five day menu, and needless to say she came top of the class with some of the most interesting recipes.  She brought along to the garden some pickled magnolia flowers, which it has to be said were delicious – who would have known unless you try these things.  As a group we are proud of her achievements and will be interested to see how her career develops as a result.

The potatoes got planted, although it was a case of having to remove yet more sycamore seedlings where they had previously been hoed just a few days before, to give space for the spuds.

Hard to believe it will be Easter this coming week, and the clocks will be going forward.  This year seems to be galloping by fast!

What’s next?

  • Keep hoeing those sycamores
  • Finish staking the broad beans
  • Remove the last of the spring onions
  • Label the potato bed

This weeks update from the Sandgate Community Garden Diary.